Roll cages made of high quality carbon steel with increased strength

Roll cages made of this material are the basic group. Material is easily weldable, so it is recommended in building roll cages in accordance with Annex J. They are characterized by low price so they are often chosen in situations where the budget is very important.

Roll cages made of chrome-molybdenum steel 25CrMo4

Roll cages are characterized by increased strength and lower weight than carbon steel roll cages, because we can use smaller diameters and the pipe wall thickness.  These roll cages are found only in homologated    version and must be supported by calculations of strength.

Kits for self-assembly

We also offer welding kits for self-assembly. This offer is dedicated to persons with knowledge and welding equipment.We should remember that wrong welded cage is a serious threat to life.

Roll bars according individual demands of a customer

On request we can made elements of safety cages according to individual demands of a customer.

After having received an inquiry, we send the form which should be filled with several dimensions of the particular places. As soon as we get the filled form, we process measuring points and perform the elements.


We offer high-quality simracing frames for sale. If you are looking for a bolted frame that can be hidden in the wardrobe after the game, unfortunately this is not the offer for you. But if you have a place where you can put this RIG ... and you are looking for a mega-rigid structure with an interesting pattern (submitted for protection at the Patent Office) ... then you should be interested in our proposal. We use materials used in motorsport for construction (I know, someone will write that you do not need to), but 25 years of experience in the production of safety cages for performance cars leaves its mark:)